55% Off a Fabric Belt

When you purchase the Drive or Idler Tail Kit

Use Code TAILS221

Promo code must be referenced at time of purchase for discount to apply

Are You Neglecting Your Tails?

With many uncertainties during this time it is difficult to plan for all changes. Dorner Service recommends the following to minimize downtime and keep production going:

Did you know that the tails of a conveyor account for only 8 to 20% of its overall price, but if they fail, that damage can be as high as 55% of the conveyor’s total value? The takeaway is – don’t neglect your tails, or it may cost you some serious money!

The tails of your conveyor play an important role in efficiently moving product. One end of the tail drives the belt, while the other tail keeps the belt properly aligned. Together, they help push the belt and keep it straight as it moves around the conveyor. The lifespan of tails is determined by application, environment, usage and other factors; on average they typically last about three to four years. However, regular maintenance and inspection is necessary to ensure they reach that projected lifespan.

Learn more about the affects of neglecting tail maintenance.

Discount FAQ

For more information, submit the contact form or contact your Dorner Channel Partner for more information. Dorner will assign the the additional discount when the promo-code is referenced on the purchase order.

The discount includes all standard aftermarket drive and idler tail kits or assemblies and fabric belts. It does not include ETO drive tail or idler tail kits. Discount only applies to kits/assemblies and belts on the same order. 

The promotion applies to standard tail kits and fabric belts during the promotion period. The additional discount is not to be applied to other products. Promotion applies towards tail kits and fabric belts when purchased as a spare with a new conveyor or purchased for an existing conveyor.

This offer is extended to all authorized Dorner channels in US and Canada. Code TAILS221 must be referenced at time of purchase to receive discount. If the code is not referenced, Dorner will not automatically include the discount.

The promotion starts on Thursday, April 1, and continues through Friday, April 30. The added discount will not be applied to any orders received after. Quantities of (10) or more tails/assemblies or belts purchased on a single order are subject to Dorner management approval for inclusion in the promotion. The added discount is a promotion and not intended to replace current price structure after 4/30/2020.

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